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The University of California, Irvine




Building Bridges. Constructing Futures.


The Twentieth Annual Honors Research Conference for California Community Colleges


with participating honors programs of the


Honors Transfer Council of California
 April 4, 2020






Dean Abernathy, Orange Coast College, Conference Chair
Joachin Arias, Los Angeles Harbor College, HTCC President
Erik Ozolins, Mt. San Jacinto College, Conference Program Co-Chair
Alannah Rosenberg, Saddleback College, Conference Program Co-Chair

Judy Cannon, Crafton Hills College, Conference Communication Co-Chair
Siobhan Feeney, Moreno Valley College, Conference Communication Co-Chair

Anthony Blacksher, San Bernardino Valley College, Poster Coordinator

Rachel Williams, El Camino College, Scholarship Chair
Tucker Amidon, Riverside City College, HTCC Treasurer and  Webmaster
Kay Ryals, Irvine Valley College, Conference Registration
Tim Adell, Victor Valley College, Editor of Building Bridges

Danielle Muller, Los Angeles City College, Moderator Co-Coordinator
Christina Yamanaka, Mt. San Jacinto College, Moderator Co-Coordinator

Jennifer Fisher, UCI, Event Planner



The Honors Transfer Council of California is grateful to the administration and staff of the University of California, Irvine, for hosting and supporting this annual research conference. The commitment that UC Irvine has made to our organization and this conference is a strong testament of its support of California community colleges and transfer students.


This conference is enhanced significantly by the contributions, in spirit as well as funding, of the Office of Admissions and Relations to Schools. We thank Bianca Leon, Associate Director Transfer Outreach, who has provided patient, good-humored, and resourceful guidance throughout the conference planning. We greatly appreciate, too, the assistance of Jennifer Fisher who was responsible for coordinating the equipment and room set-up as well as all of the coordination with the UCI event staff. The support of May Wilson, UCI Event Coordinator.


The HTCC owes special thanks to Dean Abernathy, Tim Adell, Tucker Amidon, Siobhan Feeney, Yih-Mei Hu, Wendy Koenig, Margot Lovett, Melissa Rifino-Juarez, Kay Ryals, Christopher Sleeper, Julie Song, Brian Waddington, and Jeff Wheeler, for serving as proposal readers for this conference under the guidance of Erik Ozolins and Alannah Rosenberg, our Conference Program Co-Chairs.


Anthony Blacksher, our Poster Session Coordinator, also deserves our gratitude along with his extremely accomplished group of poster judges.


Our Registration Director, Kay Ryals, has done an amazing job with the critical and demanding work of registration.


We are grateful also for Rachel Williams and her team of faculty who served as readers of scholarship and award applications for this conference.

Special thanks are due to Christina Yamanaka and Kathy Patterson, whose expert advice has greatly assisted both registration and the coordination of moderators.



Welcome to the 20th annual conference and to the spectacular UC Irvine campus! The University of California, Irvine is once again hosting the premier conference featuring research produced by California community college students.

As you spend your day at the conference, we would like to draw your attention to some important opportunities. At its foundation, an honors education is meant to be broad-based and holistic. We encourage you to continue to embrace this foundation by seeking out presentations and panels to which you might not initially think you relate. The reality of research as you transfer to your four-year institutions and you prepare for graduate and professional schools is that much of the cutting- edge research is and will continue to be interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary.

Additionally, take opportunities to enjoy the remarkable beauty and architecture of UC Irvine. And don’t forget to forge connections with your fellow presenters, moderators and attendees. Many of the students you spend time with today will be your colleagues as you transfer and even later in your careers. The relationships you form today may continue to bear fruit well into the future. And finally, make sure that you return to the Pacific Ballroom at the end of the day to participate in the closing plenary session of the conference where prizes will be awarded to student with outstanding abstracts and posters and to students who exemplify the best that our member colleges have to offer.


As an honors student, you represent some of the best qualities of your college, reflecting not only your own hard work and academic excellence, but also the teaching and mentoring of those who have made a difference in your life. Embrace your role as an unofficial ambassador of your school and use this day to represent your college and your community.


On behalf of all the members of the Honors Transfer Council of California, we wish you an educational and enjoyable day.

Joachin Arias                                                


Honors Transfer Council of California               

Honors Transfer Program Director                   
Professor of Chemistry                                    
Los Angeles Harbor College                             

Dean Abernathy

Conference Chair and Vice President

Honors Transfer Council of California

Honors Program Coordinator

Professor of Architecture

Orange Coast College


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays: First Series, 1841

Dean Abernathy, Orange Coast

Brittany Adams, Irvine Valley

Tim Adell, Victor Valley

Can Aksoy, Los Angeles City

Josh Alley, San Diego Mesa

Bill Alston, Saddleback

Tucker Amidon, Riverside City

Meghen Andrade, College of the Canyons

David Andrus, College of the Canyons

Jared Ashcroft, Pasadena City

Suzie Bailey, MiraCosta

Dana Bassett, Santa Ana

Anthony Berman, MiraCosta

Nadine Bermudez, East Los Angeles

Deepali Bhandari, Long Beach City

Michael Bobo, Norco

Luis Bohon, Chaffey

Robert Bond, MiraCosta

Joline Bourdages, San Diego Mesa

T.L. Brink, Crafton Hills

Stephanie Burnham, El Camino

Bryce Campbell, Victor Valley

Phillip Campbell, Pasadena City

Thatcher Carter, Riverside City

Michael Cassens, Irvine Valley

Claire Cesareo, Saddleback

Barbara Christie, Los Angeles Harbor

Leah Cluff, MiraCosta

Mark Collinson, Irvine Valley

Sébastien Cormier, Groosmont

Vincent Crisostomo, Moorpark

Melissa Dilorenzo, Chaffey

Ian Duckles, San Diego Mesa

Claudio Egalon, Los Angeles Harbor

Kevin Eperjesi, Cypress

Alexis Faust, MiraCosta

Stephen Felder, Irvine Valley

CLS Ferguson, Mt. San Antonio

Randy Firestone, El Camino

Leona Fisher, Chaffey

Patricia Foley, College of the Canyons

Paul Frank, Sacramento City

Nancy Freeman, El Camino

Tricia George, College of the Canyons

Nicholas Geskakis, MiraCosta

Brizset Giles, El Camino

Ed Gomez, San Bernardino

Brian Gonzalez, Pasadena

Lee Gordon, Orange Coast

Carrie Goulding, Saddleback

Sarah Gray, Irvine Valley

Laura Greathouse, Riverside City

Ulrike Green, Orange Coast

Genevieve Griffin, MiraCosta

Kenneth Guttman, Citrus

Thao Ha, MiraCosta

Perry Hacking, El Camino

Nader Haddad, East Los Angeles

Mitch Haeri, Saddleback

Willie Hamilton, Mt. San Jacinto

Richard Hannon, MiraCosta

Michael Harnett, Glendale

Jacob Hartman, Pasadena City

Jennifer Hedgecock, Saddleback

Christina Heisser, Los Angeles City

Karla Hernandez Magallon, Mt. San Antonio

Raul Herrera, Santa Ana

Seth Hochwald, Irvine Valley

Daniel Hogan, Riverside City

Marcia Hollenshead, Mt. San Antonio

Joseph Holliday, El Camino

Lyman Hong, El Camino

Bryant Horowitz, East Los Angeles

Brittney Hubble, Cypress

Phil Hughes, Santa Ana

Tony Huntley, Saddleback

Basil Ibe, Los Angeles Harbor

Jorge Iniguez, Pasadena City

Melanie Jeffrey, Cerro Coso

Tina Jenkins, Saddleback

Gayane Jerome, Pasadena City

Jeff Johnson, Irvine Valley

Aron Kamajaya, Los Angeles Pierce

Tamara Karn, Mt. San Antonio

Joon Kil, Irvine Valley

Melissa King, San Bernardino

Robert Knable, Sacramento City

Misty Kolchakian, Mt. San Antonio

Joel Lamore, San Bernardino

Ho Lee, Orange Coast

Sue Lee, Irvine Valley

Lyndsey Lefebvre, Irvine Valley

Meredith Leonard, Los Angeles Valley

Ailissa Leroy, Santa Ana

Emily Liu, Irvine Valley

Chris Loeffler, Irvine Valley

Chan Loke, Irvine Valley

Lewis Long, Irvine Valley

Daniel Loomis, Chaffey

Brian Lopez, Fullerton

Charis Louie, Mr. San Antonio

Alan Lovegreen, Orange Coast

Margot Lovett, Saddleback

Senya Lubisich, Citrus

Isabelle Luengo, MiraCosta

Gary Luke, Saddleback

Randall Martinez, Cypress

Mora Mattern, El Camino

Darcie McClelland, El Camino

Lynne Miller, MiraCosta

Derek Milne, Pasadena Cty

Benjamin Mis, Irvine Valley

Jon Mochizuki, Orange Coast

Jed Mularski, Saddleback

Danielle Muller, Los Angeles City

Edgar Muniz, Mt. San Antonio

Sarah Muno, Pasadena City

Kelly Nelson-Wright, Fullertono

Maritess Oda, Cypress

Michelle Odlum, Los Angeles Pierce

Guck Ooi, Cerro Coso

Marcos Ortega, Santiago Canyon

Robert Oventile, Pasadena City

Erik Ozolins, Mt. San Jacinto

Jennifer Pakula, Saddleback

Sheri Patton, Sacramento City

Eduardo Perez, Riverside City

Lan Pham, Irvine Valley

Marcelo Pires, Saddleback

Micheal Plotkin, Mt. San Jacinto

Mary Powell, College of the Canyons

Geetha Rajeram, Long Beach City

Robert Randall, Pasadena City

Dan Reade, Norco

Nick Reeves, Mt. San Jacinto

Melissa Rifino Juarez, Rio Hondo

Denise Robb, Los Angeles Pierce

Michael Robertson, Long Beach City

Carlos Rosales, East Los Angeles

James Ross, Irvine Valley

Jerry Rudmann, Irvine Valley

Ronald Ruiz, Riverside City

Timothy Russell, Norco

Kay Ryals, Irvine Valley

Raghvendra Sahai, Pasadena City

Laura Scavuzzo Wheeler, Long Beach City

Andrew Sclafani, Irvine Valley

Stacey Searl-Chapin, Mt. San Jacinto

Marcia Selva, Sacramento City

Gina Shaffer, Saddleback

Parvin Shahrestani, Mt. San Antonio

Virginia Shank, Irvine Valley

Bober Sharon, Pasadena City

Adrienne Sharp, El Camino

Michelle Siao Lin Fabros, Rio Hondo

Pawinder Sidhu, Cypress

Dan Siegal, MiraCosta

Alec Sim, Irvine Valley

Philip Simpkin, Orange Coast

Abby Sirulnik, Saddleback

Christopher Sleeper, MiraCosta

Mark Smith, Santiago Canyon

Lisa Snyder, Orange Coast

Juli Soden, El Camino

William Spinella, Irvine Valley

Michelle Stewart, Mt. San Jacinto

Jensea Storie, Mt. San Jacinto

Ryan Sullivan, Mt. San Jacinto

Cynthia Swift, Santiago Canyon

Natasha Synycia, Irvine Valley

Kyle Thompson, MiraCosta

Stephanie Tran, Cypress

Julio Tsuha, Los Angeles Pierce

Kari Tucker-McCorkhill, Irvine Valley

Alexis Tucker-Sade, MiraCosta

Shane Underwood, Pasadena City

Burlee Vang, Irvine Valley

Karla Villatoro, El Camino

Tuan Vo, Mt. San Antonio

Erica Vogel, Saddleback

Laura Wagner, Orange Coast

Jeff Wheeler, Long Beach City

Karen Whitney, El Camino

Rachel Williams, El Camino

Kassia Wosick, El Camino

Brandy Young, Cypress


Presentation of all awards will be made during the closing ceremonies at the conference. Checks will be sent after the conference to the Honors directors to be given to the winning student.


Poster Awards

The Honors Transfer Council of California will recognize the top research posters with an award accompanied by a cash prize. Posters will be judged on visual presentation, creativity, originality and reflection of sound scholarship. First, second, and third-place awards will be given for research posters in the categories of “Social Sciences and Humanities” and “Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Mathematics.”


Outstanding Abstract Awards

These awards are conferred by the HTCC to four or more students who have submitted top-rated abstracts describing their conference presentation. The abstracts are judged on organization, quality of writing, and originality and importance of the research.  The most highly ranked Outstanding Abstract earns the HTCC Director’s Award (see below).


HTCC Exemplary Achievement Scholarships

The Honors Transfer Council of California will give a number of awards (two maximum per college) to students graduating this year who show extraordinary improvement in scholarship, especially related to performance in an honors program. Students must be nominated by their honors director/coordinator. These students display exceptional perseverance in overcoming obstacles to success in college or in an honors program. They have given outstanding service to their college or community or distinguished themselves as leaders in cultural or athletic activities. Finally, their application essays reveal a high quality of thought and expression.


Juan Lara Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Juan Lara created a scholarship in order to give special honor to a student who has overcome great financial, personal, cultural or other obstacles to achieve significant success as an honor student. Candidates for this award have been nominated by their honors directors for the Exemplary Achievement Scholarship. In conferring this award, we also honor the memory of Juan Lara, the former Assistant Vice Chancellor of UC Irvine, who was always a generous supporter of this conference and of our efforts to serve community college honors students. As an energetic and inspirational Director for the UCI Center for Educational Partnerships, Dr. Lara created opportunities for countless non-traditional students, leading them to seek – and attain – the highest success in their academic lives and career.


 The Honors Transfer Council of California awards its Director’s Award annually to thestudent who has submitted the finest presentation abstract and has been judged as exemplifying the qualities of an outstanding honors student. The Director’s Award is the highest academic honor HTCC bestows on a student.


The Director’s Award, created to recognize and reward student excellence, also honors each year a vital director who is a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California. This person has made an outstanding contribution to the students in his or her honors program as well as to the HTCC – and thus to all the students served by this organization.

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