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2020 UCI Conference Poster Presentations

UCI's Community College Honors Student Research Research Conference gives students  the opportunity to present their scholarly work.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical conference scheduled for April 3rd was cancelled, but the organizers of the event wanted to provide participating students to present their research.  On this page, student poster presentations are divided into two categories: Humanities & Social Sciences and Biological & Physical Sciences and Technology (STEM).  

Academic posters are an effective way of conveying academic research to your audience.  While they are similar to academic research papers in terms of the rigor of research, they are different in how the research is portrayed.

In the galleries below, simply click on a thumbnail image of a student's poster presentation, which will load in a new window the full poster at much higher resolution.

 “The greatest value of a picture
is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”

John Wilder Tukey, Exploratory Data Analysis, 1977

Humanities & Social Sciences Poster Presentations

Biological & Physical Sciences (STEM) Poster Presentations

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