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The Honors Transfer Council of California
Proudly Announces

The 24th Annual

Building Bridges

Research Conference

At UC Riverside

UApril 20th, 2024
Event Information

HTCC's annual  conference gives community college honors students the opportunity to present their academic work.  We invite research-based presentations, posters, and creative performances reflecting inquiry into the humanities, sciences, arts, social sciences, and pre-professional programs; we also welcome results of research into the honors experience.

Awards and Publication Opportunities

Having your work accepted for presentation makes you eligible not only for monetary awards but also for publication in the HTCC anthology Building Bridges. The deadline to submit abstracts for publication is usually May 1st.

General Timeline 
  • During the Fall semester:

    • Contact your Honors Director for your college's deadline.  Each HTCC honors program has its own submission and review dates.

    • Work with your Honors Program director and your faculty mentor to prepare your proposal; check with your Honors Program office for the deadline for submitting abstracts.

    • Refer to the Student Guide for requirements.

    • Honors directors will submit applications. Students apply through their honors program.  

  • Mid January: Applicants are notified regarding acceptance. Students with accepted proposals should make sure to include that information on transfer applications. Students who have submitted UC applications should include the acceptance on their UC Transfer Academic Update.

  • Feb-March:  
    Check with your program director/coordinator for their campus-specific deadlines and procedures. Application is through each campus honors program. See the Awards and Scholarships page for more information.

Presentation Types
  • Research Poster: Research posters displayed physically at UC Riverside. 

  • Individual Oral: 10-12-minute presentations in breakout rooms at UCR.

  • Group Oral: 20-minute panel presentation by two or more presenters breakout rooms at the UCR Conference Center.

  • Performance: Student-created art, music, creative writing, drama, dance performed and incorporating an explicit research component

Important Note:

You may present in up to two events if they are in two different categories:

  • oral presentation or performance (individual or group)

  • poster (individual or group)

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