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Poster Awards

The Honors Transfer Council of California recognizes the top research posters with an award accompanied by a cash prize. Posters will be judged on visual presentation, creativity, originality and reflection of sound scholarship. First, second, and third-place awards will be given for research posters in the categories of “Social Sciences and Humanities” and “Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Mathematics.”

Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Mathematics: 

  1. Nataley Morua (Long Beach City College) and Nishi Rauth (Cerritos Community College) - "Characterization of the Effect of Aspirin on the PI3K-Akt Pathway and the Unfolded Protein Response during Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress"

  2. Linette Tang and Robert Courville (Mt. San Antonio College) - "Analyzing Host-Microbe Relationships in Experimentally Evolved Drosophila melanogaster Populations"

  3. Jenny Hsu (East Los Angeles College) - "Low to Mid Elevational Resurvey of Bumble Bee Distributions in Response to Climate Change"

Humanities/Social Sciences:

  1. Kara Regan (Fullerton College) - "The Effect of Interrupted Memory on Accuracy and Confidence in Eyewitness Recall"

  2. Shahen Boghoussian (MiraCosta College) - "Lost Cause: Examining Post-Release Progress of Rehabilitated Orangutans"

  3. 3 Way Tie

Outstanding Abstract Awards

These awards are conferred by the HTCC to four or more students who have submitted top-rated abstracts describing their conference presentation. The abstracts are judged on organization, quality of writing, and originality and importance of the research.  The most highly ranked Outstanding Abstract earns the HTCC Director’s Award (see below).

Outstanding Abstract Awards (in alphabetical order):

1. Tania Solano Cervantes, Saddleback College - "Narcocorridos: Mexican Drug Ballads of Socioeconomic Progress and Empowerment"

2.  Viviana Escalante, El Camino College - "Peeling Back the Oceanic Layers: The Invisible Oceanic Battle against Surface Temperature Rise"

3. Nathan Gelfand, Mt. San Antonio College - "Checkmate the Psyche While You Are Jung"

4.  Emily Nguyen, Mt. San Antonio College - "Vietnamese Linguistics: A Dive into the Construction of Self and Society"

5. Kian Orr, Irvine Valley College - "Differentiating Between Shoebox, Surround and Horseshoe Shaped Concert Halls and Simulating Sound Levels"

HTCC Exemplary Achievement Scholarships

The Honors Transfer Council of California gives a number of awards (two maximum per college) to students graduating this year who show extraordinary improvement in scholarship, especially related to performance in an honors program.  Students must be nominated by their honors director/coordinator.  These students display exceptional perseverance in overcoming obstacles to success in college or in an honors program.  They have given outstanding service to their college or community or distinguished themselves as leaders in cultural or athletic activities.  Finally, their application essays reveal a high quality of thought and expression.

Exemplary Achievement Awards (in no particular order):

  • Arus Grigoryan, Los Angeles City College

  • Amber Lipsey, Pasadena City College

  • Amanda Leong, Pasadena City College

  • Gerardo Guerra, Santa Ana College

  • Juliet Gutierrez, Santa Ana College

  • Marwa Nouristani, Irvine Valley College

  • Hedieh Sorouri, Irvine Valley College

  • Jesse Gutierrez, Long Beach City College

  • Yasmin Thompson, Long Beach City College

  • Pragya Dhoot, Cypress College

  • Veronica Reynoso, Cypress College

  • Margaux Hingey, MiraCosta College 

  • Jonathan Broberg, MiraCosta College

  • Natalie Madrid, Mt. San Antonio College

  • Jessica Palominos, Mt. San Antonio College

  • Lorraine Limón, Saddleback College

  • Tania Solano Cervantes, Saddleback College

  • Mursal Sidiqi, Julie Song, Chaffey College

  • Victoria Mendez, Mt. San Jacinto College

  • Ellie Baeza, Mt. San Jancinto College

  • Kristy Beck, Crafton Hills College

  • Victoria Karalun, Crafton Hills College 

  • Brandon Hirano, El Camino College

  • Alina Khan, El Camino College

  • Angele (Eve) Zheng, Citrus College

  • Layla Jimenez, Citrus College

Juan Lara Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Juan Lara created a scholarship in order to give special honor to a student who has overcome great financial, personal, cultural or other obstacles to achieve significant success as an honor student. Candidates for this award have been nominated by their honors directors for the Exemplary Achievement Scholarship. In conferring this award, we also honor the memory of Juan Lara, the former Assistant Vice Chancellor of UC Irvine, who was always a generous supporter of this conference and of our efforts to serve community college honors students. As an energetic and inspirational Director for the UCI Center for Educational Partnerships, Dr. Lara created opportunities for countless non-traditional students, leading them to seek – and attain – the highest success in their academic lives and career.

Alina Khan, El Camino College


The Honors Transfer Council of California awards its Director’s Award annually to thestudent who has submitted the finest presentation abstract and has been judged as exemplifying the qualities of an outstanding honors student. The Director’s Award is the highest academic honor HTCC bestows on a student.


The Director’s Award, created to recognize and reward student excellence, also honors each year a vital director who is a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California. This person has made an outstanding contribution to the students in his or her honors program as well as to the HTCC – and thus to all the students served by this organization.

Margaux Hingey, Mira Costa College

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