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"I attribute my success as a transfer student to not only the long hours and hard work I put into studying, but also the supportive community that the Honors Program provided for me."

— Itzania, El Camino College

Who are we?

What do we do?

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The HTCC is a consortium of over fifty honors programs in California community colleges.  Each is represented by its honors program director and its designated honors counselor.

When are our meetings?

We meet three times each semester  

(Click on the schedule link for details.) 
Guests and observers are welcome at any meeting. If you wish to attend, please email the HTCC President.

How do community colleges become members?

Full membership is available to California community colleges that have operating honors programs; guest membership is available to those developing programs.

If you are interested in membership, please complete the HTCC Application. For more information, see the New To Honors page.

We provide a forum for honors directors and counselors to share experiences and successful practices in dealing with talented and motivated students.

We are UC Irvine's partner for its annual Community College Honors Research Conference, which gives our students the opportunity to present the results of their work to a statewide audience. 

We organize an annual Teaching & Learning in Honors Symposium that invites faculty and counselors to discuss honors pedagogy and practical strategies to increase student engagement in community college honors programs.

We negotiate transfer partnerships with colleges, universities, and upper-division honors programs nationwide. Students completing our programs enjoy enhanced transfer consideration at the partner-campus. See our Transfer Partner pages for details.

We annually host a virtual Honors Transfer Fair to connect our transfer partners with our students, counselors, and directors.

We award scholarships and research prizes to community college honors students. 

2023 conference
photos coming soon!

UCI Conference March 25, 2023
How do potential transfer partners join?

For information on becoming one of our transfer partners, contact the Chair of Transfer Relations.

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