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Oral Presentations - Session 1

“The thing that doesn’t fit is the thing that’s
the most interesting, the part that
doesn’t go according to what you expected.”

— Richard P. Feynman, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, 1999

Nataliya Mironova
Riverside City

Reclaiming the American Dream: Making the Case for the Autopilot Car?
The Department of Transportation plans to accelerate roadway safety by introducing driverless cars, yet 60% of American oppose it. The American Dream can persuade them.

Spencer Churchill
Irvine Valley

Evaluation of Generative Networks for Data Augmentation
Generative adversarial networks are capable of learning and extending datasets without new data collection – enabling low-cost augmentation of certain dataset types.

Violet Zhang
Pasadena City

Science and Art in Symbiosis: The Relationship of Algorithms and Aesthetics
in the Field of Art History

The paper explores the application of the Stack, a model for planetary scale computation, to art history.

Matthew Morreale
El Camino

Music, Our Secret Weapon to Cognitive Strength and Success
We should reintroduce music as a part of the curriculum in our schools due to its neurological and cognitive benefits to a child’s developing brain.

Rachel Soltesz

Communicating Through the Arts
The performing arts can serve as a method of communication that allows artists to connect with others and to translate different internalized emotions and stories.

Sarah Juarez
Mt. San Jacinto

The Power of Music Across Species
This paper examines the effects of music on the human brain and explores the possibility that all species are connected through variations of music.

Justine Lim

Religious Reputations: A Symbolic-Interaction Analysis of the Political Impact of Religion on Immigration
Symbolic-interaction theory provides a micro-level analysis of how religious leaders, employing religion as a guiding ideal during sermons, fostered supportive immigration attitudes in their followers.

Raegan Robinson
El Camino

Lines with Consequences: The Real-life Implications of Maps and Borders
World maps and borders display biases and historic complexities that, when left unacknowledged, promote ethnocentric worldviews reflected in everything from everyday perceptions to geopolitics.

Emily Aralar
Cerro Coso

Encouraging Legal Immigration: An Economic Outlook and Solution to Illegal Immigration
It is important to look at illegal immigration from an economic perspective since the economy is impacted, and all Americans are affected by the economy

Isabella Antonelli

Linguistic Discrimination: A Conflict Theoretical Analysis of the Effects of English-Only Sentiment on Minority Communities
Although the United States has no official language, those who do not speak English are often marginalized, facing barriers to traditional socioeconomic success.

Monineath Bunyay
Riverside City

Judging the Book by Its Cover: Facial Disfigurement and Discrimination
People with facial disfigurement are met with discrimination at a level high enough to disrupt their pursuit of happiness.

Leena Bowman
Laura Locken
Irvine Valley

Effects of Expressive Outlets on Mood and Emotion
The aim of the study was to examine differences among the effectiveness of expressive outlets in response to a personal frustrating experience.

Paulina Pizano-Pintor

Sexual Stigmas in the Disabled Community: Can He… Do IT?
Stigmas about the sexual development about disabled people and misconceptions about interabled relationships can be erased through more research and awareness about sexuality and disability.

Emily Crowl
Irvine Valley

Emotion Recognition in Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Hearing Adults
This study is being conducted for the purpose of investigating differences in emotion recognition in deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing adults using static images and videos.

Taylor Chen

The Winter Soldier Investigation: Accounting for the Horror of the Vietnam War
In 1971, Vietnam veterans testified about their experiences during the Vietnam War to inform the American public about the horrors they witnessed and participated in.

Cindy Lopez-Ordonez
Mt. San Jacinto

Weaponizing Science in the Name of the Land of the Rising Sun
“Human experimentation” during “World War II” tends to refer to Germans. This was not the only population conducting experiments. The Japanese engaged in experimentation.

Maddie Juarez

The Island Expendables and The Inability to Reverse the Atomic Bomb
United States nuclear testing on the Marshall Islands created irreparable cost to the indigenous Marshallese people.

Katherine Wong
Irvine Valley

Mental Malady Behind Bars
The mental health situation is an increasingly escalating concern in the United States, becoming a crisis; behind prison bars, however, mental illness is pandemic.

Crystal Calero
Mt. San Antonio

Cannabidiol as an Alternative Treatment Method for Schizophrenic Disorder
This research discusses the use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a new alternative in treating schizophrenic disorder, one with fewer side effects.

Jennifer Baker
Long Beach City

The Psilocybin Effect: The New Wave of Psychedelic Research
Studies show a single psilocybin treatment produces immediate and long-lasting positive results in treatment-resistant depression.

Rachel Hauser

Who Defines What is Normal or Abnormal in Society?
My research challenges the scientific neutrality of modern day psychiatry by drawing parallels between the treatment of depression from the Renaissance to present day.

Rachel Suarez
San Bernardino

The Modern Knight in Shining Titanium Alloy
The isochronal archetype of the sacrificial hero - and its variation through shifting interpretations of heroism - is investigated in Sir Gawain and Iron Man.

Nathan Gelfand
Mt. San Antonio

Checkmate the Psyche While You Are Jung
A Jungian interpretation on the human psyche and the path of individuation presented in three psychological thrillers.


Rodrigo Urdaneta Penaherrera
Los Angeles City

The Empire of Heaven Stands in the Shoulders of Titans: Translatio as a Legitimizing Mechanism in Dante’s “Inferno.”
Exploration on the use of translatio in Dante’s “Inferno” as a powerful device to construct a cohesive narrative that legitimizes Classical mythos within Catholic dogma

Kassandra Marroquin Monreal
Victor Valley

Jane Austen’s Hidden Messages
Jane Austen, well recognized for her social commentary, expands the romantic views within her novels into a deeper realization of wisdom.

Roberto Romero
East Los Angeles

The Benefits of Recycling Plastic, Deducting Our Carbon Emission Footprint and Promoting the Importance of Eco - Friendly Environment
Students can help save the planet. Based on a study of East Los Angeles College, this paper offers a blue print to college campuses across California.

Alexis Rodriguez
El Camino

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere, nor a Piece to be Seen: Does the Amount of Microplastic in Rivers Affect the Amount of Microplastic on Adjacent Beaches?
Comparing the amount of microplastics between waters and adjacent beaches of two of LA’s major rivers provides insight on exposure and impact to marine wildlife

Sherwin Ghandi
Negin Hadjiabdolhamid
Zareen Ismail

Factors That Increase the Prevalence of Ankylosing Spondylitis In Males
Ankylosing spondylitis is a disease disproportionately affecting males. The role of the ANKH gene, 17-ketosteroids, and environmental factors in the disease's sex-differential effects are reviewed.

Richard Luu
Brian Fang
Yesenia Marin-Acosta
Donnie Brodnax
Jenna Chang
Pasadena City

Isolation of Water from a Heterogeneous Mixture of Sodium Chloride, Copper (II), Iron (III), and Sand
Using chemistry-based procedures to properly isolate four components of a heterogeneous mixture (sand, sodium chloride, ferric chloride, and cupric chloride) to make viable drinking water.

Kate Cohee

The Phenomenon of Queer Death in Media: Faux-Wokeness, Bury Your Gays, Queerbaiting, and the Influence of Fan Spaces
Portrayals of queer characters on TV often end with their violent deaths, a phenomenon negatively impacting LGBTQ+ youth who seek validation of their identity.

Taylor Joseph Cantarini

Early Efforts for Legal and Social LGBTQ+ Equality: An Analysis of the Mattachine Society’s Activism
Despite FBI harassment and the belief that “gays were merely sick heteros,” the Mattachine Society fought for gay rights during the 1950s.

Jade MacEoghain

Resisting Your Norms: Queer Power in Social Space
This project analyses campus LGBTQIA+ safe spaces, and applying critical theory, explores how social space can be used as space for resisting oppressive norms.

Mursal Sidiqi

The Literary History of the LGBT+ Community
This presentation explores LGBTQ+ literature and authors from the Middle Ages and Medieval Era with an emphasis on the foundations of gender, sexuality and heteronormativity.


Ryan Tsai
Pasadena City

Roll Call: Public School Funding and Attendance
This work aims to examine the shortcomings of attendance based school funding through the Gadamerian concept of horizons and the Heidiggerian concept of being.

Jay Trang
Irvine Valley

Choosing My Major: Individual Traits that Matter Most in Finding Future
Career Paths

As a key feature of a peer-support program, this study is designed to identify student factors associated with successful transfer.

Erik Mallory
Richard Ge
Simrit Kaur Sandhu
Jose Gonzalez
Sacramento City

Leading 20,000 Horses to Water: How Behavioral Economics Can Improve Student Success
Behavioral economics as a tool to identify practical methods of engaging students with student services to increase course success and retention.

Lidia McCarter
Irvine Valley

Most Likely (Not) to Succeed: An Examination of Cognitive Processes Leading to College Student Burnout
This study’s purpose was to analyze the relationships of college student burnout experienced and self-efficacy with other psychological measures. Positive findings suggest continuing this research.

Tania Yanet Solano Cervantes

Narcocorridos: Mexican Drug Ballads of Socioeconomic Progress and Empowerment
The narrative of the narcotrafficker’s rise out of marginalization found in narcocorridos, a contemporary variant of Mexican folk ballads, provides a sense of empowerment.



Jade Bolton
Irvine Valley

Hamilton’s Effect: How a Single Musical Changed the Trajectory of Broadway
Hamilton became a phenomenon because of its broad reach to the general public and conscious casting practices which trail-blazed a path for future productions.

Angel Vasquez
Sacramento City

Elements of Music History Today:  From Gospel to Hip-Hop
Some of the most integral developments in music from Greek Antiquity to the mid-1700’s are alive and implemented in modern music today.

Nicholas Mao
Irvine Valley

Subtle Plagiarism: Replicating the Groove of FKJ's Music
This research project seeks to improve the casual audience’s listening experience by exploring rhythmic groove in French Kiwi Juice’s music, done in a “live-looping” performance.


Melanie Michel-Stuart
San Diego Mesa

Women Artists of the Renaissance and the Art of the Feminine: Societal Roles, Expectations, Values, and Beliefs
The canvas provides women artists a subjective platform of expression that reflects their unique interpretation of roles, expectations, values, beliefs and the world around them.

Anita Bouscatie

Fantasies of the Orient: 19th Century European Perceptions of the Harem
European male painters and some female writers represented harems as oppressive places of sexual slavery in order to argue for the superiority of western culture.

Victoria Osanyinpeju
Riverside City

Anti-Black Racism and the Oppression of Black People in America and Europe: An Analysis of 19th Century Art and Literature
The predominance of racist institutions can be observed through visual art and literature by both white and black artists in the nineteenth century.

Isabell Prebot
Mt. San Antonio

“Say Her Name”: The Rhetorical Situation Surrounding Social Media Activism
This communicative analysis paper analyzes the rhetorical situation surrounding the #SayHerName campaign, protesting lethal police brutality against African American women.

Kian Orr
Irvine Valley

Differentiating Between Shoebox, Surround and Horseshoe Shaped Concert Halls and Simulating Sound Levels
Investigates the three major shapes of concert halls and explores the effects of size and sound-absorption coefficients on sound distribution using heat map simulation.


Jovanny Gallardy
Santiago Canyon

Investigating Isotopic Extraction of He-3 from Solar Wind Embedded Lunar Regolith
An investigation and analysis of the feasibility of mining lunar regolith for Helium-3.

Wei Jeng
Pasadena City

Examining the Fate of Our Universe with the Friedmann Acceleration Equation
Applying variations of parameters on the Friedmann equation to describe three theoretical models of the universe and their respective fate under accelerating expansion.

Faizan Darsot
El Camino

New Frontier in Space Technology: The Development of Antimatter Propulsion Systems is Necessary to Achieve the Most Effective Source of Fueling Spacecraft
Antimatter is the next frontier of space exploration and the best source of energy known to mankind, even though the cost may cause concern.


Maansi Rathod
Irvine Valley

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Switching to a Plant-Based Diet
This research project analyzes both short- and long-term health and environmental benefits of switching to a plant-based diet.

Rafael Borisonik
Los Angeles Valley

The Easiest Climate Change Issue to Solve - Shrinking Food Waste
By tackling food waste collaboratively, industries, higher educational institutions, and municipalities create tangible solutions to the complex problem of climate change.

Jordyn Villanueva
Riverside City

Animal Rights, Human Wrongs: Granting Primates Protection through Non-human Personhood
The discovery of some primates' multifaceted intelligence warrants the urgency of granting them non-human personhood in the United States.

Johnny Olsen

Problems With Unregulated CRISPR Experiments
With proper regulations and federal funding to guide CRISPR, human genetic engineering can be a great boon to society.

Navin Khoshnan
Pasadena City

Boxing the Modern Day Compass: How Technology Impacts Human Agency in Today’s World
In this presentation, I discuss technology’s impact on human agency in the modern world, and Sandy Florian’s Boxing the Compass.

Valentina Macchione

Kantian Moral Philosophy, Hospitality, and the Current Refugee Crisis in the United States
Kant's moral philosophy and his perspective of hospitality can be applied to understand better the current refugee crisis in the United States.

Yuxin Ye
Mt. San Jacinto

Russian Roulette: The Prospect of Nuclear War from Sci-fi to Probable Statistics
This paper examines the threat of nuclear wars by using statistical analyses of probability and portrayals of the dystopian landscape in J.G. Ballard’s “Terminal Beach.”

Isabella Polito
Irvine Valley

The Role of Empathy in Justice Sensitivity
The current study examined the role that empathy, a construct including components of empathic concern, perspective taking, and personal distress has in individuals’ justice sensitivity.


Hedieh Sorouri
Irvine Valley

Invisible Scars: A Glimpse Into the Mental Health Issues Faced by Refugees
This spoken-word performance of poetry by refugees, supplemented by a review of research on refugee mental health, supports the need for interdisciplinary, team-based, trauma-informed care.


Noah Zarayan-Samadi

Recovering Identity during a Midlife Crisis
The hopelessness and apathy that stem from the midlife crisis can be dealt with by recovering one’s true identity with a change of environment.

Adria Wong
Mt. San Antonio

To What Extent is a Formal Diagnosis of Schizophrenia Harmful or Beneficial?
This literature review investigates whether a formal diagnosis of schizophrenia is beneficial or harmful from a cultural, societal, and personal level.


Javier Hardoy
Los Angeles City

“Das Booben”: Critique of Dictatorships and Human Rights in The Great Dictator
In The Great Dictator, Charlie Chaplin thematically undermines the power that a dictator has by ridiculing him in his most prominent and spiteful characteristics.

Anays Clavijo
College of the Canyons

Bonnie and Clyde: Beyond the Romantic Image
It was a culmination of economic and social misfortunes that drove Bonnie and Clyde to a life of crime that contrasts their romantic pop-culture image.

Sadie Granger
El Camino

It’s Not Just a Game: Assessing the Prevalence of Gender Discrimination in Sports
This research assesses the continued prevalence of gender discrimination in three main contexts: pay gaps, unequal sporting event televization, and gender stereotypes.

Nick Atmore
Victor Valley

Language as Othering and Redemption in The Penal Colony
The Officer uses language to achieve power over another individual and objectify him for homosexual pleasure in Franz Kafka’s The Penal Colony.

Helayna Walton
Mt. San Jacinto

Taxonomic Failure: The Tarsier Dilemma
The issue surrounding tarsier taxonomic classification exemplifies the way in which flexibility in perspective serves as both an invaluable asset and a source of debate.

Laya Jabalameli
Pasadena City

The Merging Destruction of Neanderthals
Paleoanthropologists debate on the cause of extinction of Neandertals to be due to interbreeding with Homo sapiens or the inability to adapt, & many conclude they have evolved.

Jonathan Broberg

Gender and Dominance Structures: A Study on Captive Hamadryas Baboons and Ring-tailed Lemurs
This study examined the consequences of gender bias in hierarchical systems of two primate species, one strongly male-dominant and one female-dominant.


Margaux Hingey

Prehensile-tail Use and Positional Behavior in Wild Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata) and White-faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus)
This research explored the distinct ecological roles of tail prehension between two species of New World monkeys in Costa Rica.


Cynthia Ikumi Shimada
Yuhang Li

The Effect of Online Extremist Messages on Young Adults: Frequency of Exposure, Brain Immaturity, and Mental Vulnerability
We studied past research and conducted some studies to research how adolescents are influenced by extremist messages online in addition to discussing some preventative measures.

Marina Williams
Riverside City

A Façade of Promise: Cults
This study examines the ease and the potential dangers of cult growth in a high-angst society.

Victoria Nea
Pasadena City

Psychographic Profiles: A Digital Invasion of Self-Determination
This study examines the invasion of informational and decisional privacy by psychographic profiles through various philosophical perspectives.

George Barinov
El Camino

Web Conscious: The Impact of Modern Technology on the Moral and Ethical Perspectives in the 21st Century
In the internet era, the rapid developments of receiving information and worldwide connecting power has constituted a new era of ethical ideas and laws.

Felicia Irawan
Pasadena City

Consequences of Consumerist Culture: Development of Hedonic Happiness and Materialistic Attitude
While some view consumerist culture as a way to achieve well-being, consumption develops hedonic happiness due to inaccurate satisfaction, and causes perverted material mindset.

Alondra Burgos
Riverside City

Once Upon a Time, a Misrepresented Attempt
The constructs of Homo economicus and Homo socialis provide a framework for analysis of children's films by such producers as Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Gus Stephanos
San Diego Mesa

Drinking Sustainably: Investigating Gender Bias in the Use of Renewable
Water Bottles

In the study it was investigated as to whether there is a significant gender bias when it comes to making sustainable choices.

Paola Rocha

Efficiency vs Compassion: A Social-Conflict Analysis of the Prevalence of Capitalist Values in Response to Trends of Economic Alienation and Rationalization in the United States
The purpose of this study is to determine whether values contrary to capitalism would arise, given the current climate of rationalization and economic alienation.

Seyedeh Saina Saifzadeh
Marwa Nouristani
Irvine Valley

The Influence of Social Media and Culture on Personality Traits and Beauty Standards

This study examines the relationship between culture and beauty standards, individuals' desires for status symbols, and social media’s impact on certain personality characteristics.

Gargi Kulkarni
Irvine Valley

Attempts to Control Perceptions on Social Media and Narcissism, Neuroticism, and Self Esteem

The purpose of the current study was to measure the relationship between the desire to control others' perceptions on social media and narcissism and self-esteem.

Macy Hung

Psychographic Profiles: A Digital Invasion of Self-Determination
This study examines the invasion of informational and decisional privacy by psychographic profiles through various philosophical perspectives.

Christian Zamorano
Mt. San Antonio

Web Conscious: The Impact of Modern Technology on the Moral and Ethical Perspectives in the 21st Century
In the internet era, the rapid developments of receiving information and worldwide connecting power has constituted a new era of ethical ideas and laws.

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