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Oral Presentations - Session 3

“Research is formalized curiosity.
It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

— Zora Neale Hurston, Dust Tracks on a Road, 1942

Nhi Mina Nguyen
Irvine Valley

The Regulation of the Transition From Meiosis to Mitosis
The purpose of this study is to figure out the mechanism of how gametic cells switch from mitotic to meiotic cycle.

Ologia Ibrahim
Mt. San Antonio

Effects of Caffeine on Cognitive Performance, Mood, and Psychological Disorders
This literature review examines the effects of caffeine consumption on cognitive performance, mood, and symptomatology and risks for various psychological disorders.

Stacy Foryoung
Los Angeles Harbor

Immunohistochemichal Analysis of PAF Receptor in Pulmonary Vessels of
Fetal Lambs

This research examined the effect of the Platelet Activating Factor on the respiration of the fetal lamb in utero and during the perinatal period.

Lucy Bui
Cerro Coso

Allergy & Asthma: It Is Not Causing Inconvenience; It Is Causing Permanent Damage
By the age of 65 years, we lose 20% of our lung capacity. Asthmatics exposed to aeroallergens such as pet dander suffer even greater loss.

Elise Thaler
College of the Canyons

Our Success is Others’ Demise: The Rise of Endangered Species
The most significant cause of the rise in endangered species is human activity in the environment; however, proactive government intervention can prevent future population declines.

Tae Jin Suh
El Camino

The Physical Cause of Ocean Acidification and the Possible Methods of Securing successful Mitigation
By reducing CO2 emissions that cause Ocean Acidification, Artificial Ocean Alkalization can effectively increase Ocean Carbon uptake, which will help impede Ocean Acidification’s negative impacts.

Andrea Leon
Riverside City

When Are We Going to Start Looking for an Antacid for Our Oceans?
The acidity in the ocean is increasing at such rapid rate that is not giving time to marine life to adapt.

Theo Morgan-Arnold

Rethinking the Ecological Crisis
A proposed ontological reframing of the ecological crisis through a social lens and a historically rooted perspective to understand its moral dilemmas.

Venus Vu
Pasadena City

Cajun English Vernacular in Entertainment Media
Representation in media entertainment of the Cajun English Vernacular isolating French communities and perpetuating Ling stereotypes dividing the community economically and racially.

Gordon Tran
El Camino

The Significance of Being Fluent in Multiple Languages: How Our Brains Processes Languages
Being fluent in two or more languages affects the ways people make decisions and plays a central role in self-restraint and mental strength.

Elisabeth Tracy
Irvine Valley

Difference in Emotional Perception of Grammatically Correct Text Messages Between Generations
Using a period in a text message will make you sound like a monster, but only to people below the age of 28.

Emily Nguyen
Mt. San Antonio

Vietnamese Ling: A Dive Into the Construction of Self and Society
This literature review seeks to understand how the structure of Vietnamese impacts the way Vietnamese-speaking individuals view the relationship between identity and society.


David Collin
Orange Coast

An Analysis on the Trade War’s Effects on U.S. Consumers and Producers
The research examines and analyzes the impacts of the still-continuing trade war on U.S. consumers, concluding with how it affects common people.

Fahad Selem

The EU through a Fiscal Lens: Overview of the Euro and the Central Bank
The European Union's Central Bank policy prevents economic growth due to its inability to implement a specific fiscal policy for each country.

Nikhil Emde
El Camino

Passionate Destruction: An Examination of the Long-Term Effects of

In this project, I will be analyzing the long-term effects of Glass-Steagall on the banking industry, as well as its repeal in the 1990’s.

Josue Rivera
Pasadena City

Currency: The State of Exchange
Using the Gadamerian differentiation between the human and natural sciences, this work proposes an alteration of U.S. currency for the benefit of consumers.

Anfal Jneidi

Frankenstein: The Literary Quintessence of Ethics and Humanity
This paper examines Frankenstein's creature’s emotional intelligence and how loneliness and rejection can have profound effects on the mental psyche.

Victoria Karalun
Crafton Hills

Joker: A Psychological Analysis
A psychological analysis of the popular villain Joker considers various mental illnesses and concludes that Joker suffers from schizophrenia.


Ryan Yu
Nikta Arianpour
Audrey Silva
Irvine Valley

The Monstrous Effects of Social Solitude: The Role of Isolation in Breeding Monstrous Minds in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and its Modern Parallels
Drawing on scientific psychological research regarding health risks associated with social isolation, this study demonstrates analogies to developing monstrosity in Frankenstein.

Christian Garcia
Mt. San Antonio

Hero to Zero
A philosophical and psychological perspective of Jeannette Walls's memoir The Glass Castle through the eyes of a psychoanalyst.

Kathleen Kim
Irvine Valley

Makeup, Media, and Male Identity: A Study of Male Make-up Use in South Korea Versus America
My research compares contemporary media’s influence on men’s makeup use in South Korea versus America.

Amanda Leong
Pasadena City

If ‘Ohana’ Means Family, What Does It Mean To Be ‘Asian?’ The Search for Asian and Pacific Islander Identity in Disney and Hollywood”
Initially “inferior” and now the “model minority,” Asians’ and Pacific Islanders’ countries (and bodies) are repeatedly exoticized, embellished, and dissected in the American narrative.


Celine Tran
Orange Coast

Asian American Women and Western Beauty Standards
This research goes into depth about the impacts of Western beauty standards on the self-esteem of Asian American women.

Amanda Tang

The Black is Beautiful Movement: Celebrating Blackness in 20th Century
United States

"The Black is Beautiful movement made feeling beautiful available for Black women who could not fit into White societal beauty standards."

Paula Kirya
Zekaria Beshir
Eric Chen
Natalie Ngoy
Pasadena City

The World of Color: Seeing the Relationship Between Quantum Theory and Colors of Nature
The physical, chemical, biological, and nanotechnological applications of Morpho butterfly wing coloration were investigated to develop experiments for the Next Generation Science Standards educational model.

Matthew Soldano

Manipulating Cellular Stress Responses to Improve Healthspan
This project analyzes how manipulating genes and restricting caloric intake can extend human lifespans.

Valerie Beltran
East Los Angeles

The Perfect Gene: Comparison of The Recessive Short & Recessive Long Allele of the Serotonin Transporter Gene 5-HTTLPR
Recent discoveries in genetic mutations have sparked a debate about the Serotonin Transporter Gene 5-HTTLPR. This presentation examines which polymorphism is preferred.

Arshan Ommid
Sina Azizi
Mohammed Forouhesh
Dian Qi
Kiasa Salgado
Zhowen Zou

A Novel Approach to Disease Modeling and Treatment: Integrating Systems Biology, Chaos Theory, and Deep Learning to Quantitatively Characterize and Resolve Hair Loss Pathologies.
We propose the complete pathogenesis of most common types of of Hair Loss by quantitative means, and devise personalized treatments according to each patient’s needs.

Ariel Stubbs
Mt. San Antonio

Factors That Influence the Reluctance to Leave Unhealthy Relationships
The purpose of this literature review is to examine the reasons people are reluctant to leave unhealthy relationships despite the negative consequences of staying.

Jeremy Yap
Katie Libby
Braon Young
El Camino

The Overton Window of Modern Romance: Finding Love in an Everchanging Landscape of Social Media and Internet Dating
This project draws on peer-reviewed research to assess how social media and online dating are redefining the modus operandi of romance and contemporary intimate relationships.

Jordan Lee
El Camino

Vaccination Education: Approaching Vaccine Hesitant Parents with Consideration
With the rise of vaccine hesitancy, it is imperative that health-care providers understand the causes of vaccine hesitancy and strive to educate worried parents.

Gini Martinez
Mt. San Antonio

Gendered Motivations, Self-Confidence, and Successful Outcomes for Online Social Dating
This study sought to examine gendered motivations for using online social dating (OSD) and the relationship between self-confidence and OSD outcomes among college students.

W.L. Cruz

Swatting a Fly with a Hammer: A Study in Transgender Roles and Discrimination
A comparative study of the pathology and discrimination faced by transgender and gender diverse individuals in the United States, and in Asia and the Polynesian Islands.

Abby Reading
Mt. San Jacinto

On Being Transgender in Children’s Literature
It is crucial transgender youth are represented in literature for people to see how dysphoria, suicide, and transphobia can lead transgender individuals over the edge.

Nazanin Nayeri
Los Angeles Pierce

Lack Of Representation Could Be Poisonous For LGBT Youth Community in American Secondary Education
American secondary education should do more to raise awareness of the LGBT community among students.

Lauren Perkins
Mt. San Jacinto

The Importance, Purpose, and Application of Trans-Inclusive Teaching
This research focuses on the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusivity in a classroom setting, highlights applied methods, and provides definitions of material related to gender studies.

Susy Michelle Morales Benitez

Undocumented American Dreams: Stop, Continue, Stop...
This project analyzes the educational systemic barriers that complicate and inhibit undocumented students from progressing through the realm of higher education.

Joyce Lin
Ryan Chieng
Tina Huynh

Perceived Parenting Style and Emotion Regulation in College Students
This research aimed to examine the relationship between received parenting style, emotion regulation strategies, and emotion dysregulation in college students.

Christian Burke
Valerie Hsiao
Andy Lai
Richard Luu
Pasadena City

Increasing Hispanic Student Success and STEM Completion Through Active Learning Within General Chemistry Course Sequence
We examine the success, progression, and progression success of Hispanic and Asian/White students in general chemistry, comparing results from active learning and lecture-based courses.

Alexander Zepeda
Jae Weon Ahn
Karen Huang
Christina Lee
Eunice Lee
Zhongming (Andy) Su
Pasadena City

Importance of Self-Advocacy Skills & Academic Confidence For Students with Disabilities
An anonymous survey of students with disability at Pasadena City College to determine whether there is a correlation between self-advocacy skills and academic confidence.

Donna Miranda-Romo
Santa Ana

Chile Chooses Foreign Corporations over Indigenous Communities: The pre-Conquest Indigenous Mapuche  Have Been Mistreated and Mischaracterized by the Government as Terrorists
Naming indigenous Mapuche as terrorists when they protest land grabs or exploitation, Chile shamefully mistreats one of their largest indigenous populations, favoring corporations and landowners.

Preston Hong

The Fall of an Empire: The Factors that Led to the Conquest of the Aztecs
The timing and crippling effects of the smallpox epidemic on the Aztecs was the most influential factor in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire.

Chloe Patterson

The Guatemalan Coup of 1954 and the Impact of American Business Interests on the Central Intelligence Agency
CIA facilitation of the 1954 Guatemalan coup was directly impacted by anti-communist sentiment by both the politically motivated US government and economically motivated American businesses.

Selina Gatica
Santa Ana

The Ticuna Tribe of Brazil's Amazon: Like the Forest, They are Victims of Bolsonaro's Policies, Corporations, and our Ignorance
Brazil’s Ticuna tribe faces the loss of their culture and Amazon habitat because Bolsonaro’s government and corporations are destroying it at an alarming rate.

Jacob Cipriano
Los Angeles City

The Lost Progressive: Henry A. Wallace and the Decline of New Deal Democrats
Henry A. Wallace fell from bring FDR's heir apparent to the radical idealist of the 1948 Progressive Party to his eventual marginalization from political life.

Ayah Hamdallah

Nativism in the United States
This paper analyzes the origins of nativism in the United States, how it has evolved over time, and how heightened nativism disproportionately impacts immigrant groups.

Jose Fernandez

Evolution of the Democratic Party from the Gilded Age
My project is a historical research paper that focuses on the evolution of the democratic party from the Gilded Age to the New Deal Era.

Dewey Kelley Gray
San Bernardino

FDR's New Deal was African Americans' Raw Deal
The social policies and programs of the New Deal had distinct characteristics and features, namely the reproduction of inequality for African Americans.

Emma Kobin
Pasadena City

The Implications of Lowering the Bar
This paper illustrates the problematic nature of attempting to close the STEM gender gap through an augmented point system by highlighting the gap's ignored underlying causes.

Sergiy Zaporozhets
Victor Valley

Christmas Carol and Patriarchal Bias
A Christmas Carol is a novella promoting charity and love, however in doing so it binds genders to certain roles under the disguise of normalization.

Elizabeth Chavez
Mt. San Antonio

The Implications of Lowering the Bar
This paper illustrates the problematic nature of attempting to close the STEM gender gap through an augmented point system by highlighting the gap's ignored underlying causes.

Ellie Baeza
Mt. San Jacinto

The Patriarchy of Politics
Women must overturn historical precedents and elitism in their fight to become successful political participants and gain representation in a system designed for the success of men.


Deena Ayesh
Los Angeles Harbor

A God-Given Diet? The Physiological Impacts of Nutritional Practices Prescribed by Abrahamic Monotheism
Assuming religion has the answer to all of life’s questions, a comparative analysis of the world’s major faiths regarding dietetics and health.

Kylie Necochea

Bittersweet Memories: Implications of Processed Sugar Consumption on Short-Term Cognitive Function
This project presents original research testing the impact of processed sugar on short-term verbal and spatial memory functions among college students.

Yelyzaveta Nechay
Pasadena City

How Eating Habits Formulated During the Childhood Affect Food Preferences Among Pasadena City College Students
The research aims to find out to what extent children’s food experience in the past affect students' current eating habits.

Alex Desjardins
Margaux Hingey
John LaRue
Kylie Necochea

Obesity Symposium: An Exploration of Causes of Obesity
This symposium explores multiple causes of obesity, including stress, sleep, and the gut microbiome, along with the challenges of diet and exercise to control weight.

Kameron Fakharpour
Irvine Valley

The Birth of a Theocracy: Why Iran Lacks Religious Freedom
We look at the history and constitution of Iran in order to find out why they rank high among countries that restrict diverse religious practices. 

Anaïs Trinephi

The Cần Vuong Movement: An Insurgency Doomed to Fail
From 1885 to 1889, the Cần Vuong insurgency united different social classes in Vietnam against French colonialism but was defeated due to flawed strategies.

Angele Zheng

Myths as Facts: The Library of Alexandria and the Mirage of History
The library of Alexandria: myths as historical facts, the invalid trust of certain primary sources, and the use of the library as a symbol.


Juliet Beglaryan
Los Angeles City

Marxist Critique of Shirvanzade's Chaos
Alexander Shirvanzade's Chaos is an explicit description of the influence of the bourgeoisie on Armenian family values during the oil booming industry in the19th century.

Thalia Moore

Women in the Revolutionary War: At Home and On the Battlefield
Women served in different capacities during the Revolutionary war.

Amanda Abramovitz
Long Beach City

Harbor Lawn Mount Olive Cemetery: A Cultural Record of In-dead-ed Sanctuaries
The dead are both cultural products of their religious sects and economic products of the funeral industry.

Veronica Juarez
San Bernardino

Native American Women's Fight for Justice
During the foundation of the American Indian Movement women played an essential role in raising awareness of issues faced by Native American women.

Vanessa Banducci
Sacramento City

Calladita Te Ves Más Bonita: The Silencing of Histories and The Rise of Chicana Feminism in the 1960s,‘70s, and Onward
Using an integrated framework through historical analysis, my research will define the rise of Chicana feminism from the Chicano movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Kyrie Leibreich

Underrepresentation and Misrepresentation of Racial Minorities in American High School Historical Education
American public education does not educate students about the history of racial minorities equally, leading to misunderstanding and misrepresentation among students.

Hajoon Yoon

Creating a Kafkaesque Society: A Functionalist Analysis of Social integration vs. Dehumanization among Socially Marginalized Groups in the U.S.
This research investigates the correlation between higher levels of social integration and dehumanization among members of the socially marginalized groups in the United States.

Naomi Waters
San Bernardino

An Anthropological Look Beyond the Redwood Curtain: Issues of Student Safety in Rural Campuses and Communities
William G. Tierney’s work on college integration and a functionalist perspective are used to interpret minority students’ experiences of safety and danger at rural universities.

Orlando Pareja
Santa Ana

Assembly Bill 2016: A Case For Ethnic Studies Implemented in California
Assembly Bill 2016 mandates Ethnic Studies be taught in California schools, but most college students are unaware of the discipline or its benefits.

Shannon Syracuse
Long Beach City

Who Defines Right and Wrong? An Anthropological Take on Morality
Because people are often a product of various cultural influences, it is necessary to identify how one’s perspective on morality influences their beliefs.

Brittany Engel

How Cannibalism Shaped Humanity
Cannibalism is the darkest, most appalling act from human history--or is it?  Different forms of cannibalism are proven to have shaped the world’s current civilizations.

Jaime Oropeza
San Bernardino

Field of Dreams: A Functionalist Story
The game of baseball can be understood as a ritual that serves an evolutionary purpose.

Tahirrah Badawi
San Bernardino

Symbolic Hijab
I use symbolic anthropology to understand how Muslim and non-Muslim groups have different perceptions of hijab.


Christian Beltran
Odette Khut
Irvine Valley

The Enigma of Emotional Expression: An Examination of the Relationship between Expressing Emotion and Mood Improvement
his study shows that talking, writing, and even doing nothing about frustration can be beneficial, potentially suggesting that non-physically aggressive methods of release are helpful.

Lorelei Olivas
Pasadena City

Quantifying Reading: Why Reading Programs in Schools Discourage Rather than Encourage Reading
Reading in schools has long been approached in a methodological way through reading programs; however, students learn much more when they are allowed freedom and discussion.

Diana Santos
Pasadena City

Standardized testing: Evaluating Students on Course Comprehension
A Gadamerian perspective on the deficiencies of standardized testing as a method of evaluating students.

Adam Ismail
Pasadena City

Replacing Public Cryptographic Key Exchanges with Quantum Resistant Implementations: The Future of VPN and Enterprise Network Security
This presentation examines the modern networking keys needed for establishing secure Internet connections.

Reyna Ediss
Santa Ana

The Brain, Memory, and Using Neuroimaging to Uncover Language Acquisition and  Potential Applications of this Research
Since 2010, neuroimaging brain research combining psychoLing, neuroscience, and computer science has made exciting discoveries in language acquisition, paving a path to address language disorders.

Selene Chang
Irvine Valley

How Duolingo’s Visual Design Encourages Second Language Acquisition
An analysis of Duolingo’s design system and choices and how it leads to engaging learning experiences and retention in second language acquisition.

Yingying Luo
Rio Hondo

Reading in Different Media Platforms: The Learning Outcome is Not Necessarily Different
In this field experiment research, the purpose was to see if there are any differences for people reading on screen or paper

Erin Lopez
Mt. San Antonio

Democracy’s Newest Enemy: Social Media
This project examines the techniques and strategies utilized by social media in regards to United States Presidential elections and campaigns.

Shawal Bhalli
Mt. San Antonio

The Extent of Political Polarization Among College Students
This study examined the relationship between college students’ choice of a roommate and the potential roommate’s political preference.

Julia Barrios
Mt. San Jacinto

The Cost of Nationalism
To evaluate the complexity of critical thinking regarding Nationalism and how this socially constructed concept can be skewed.

Tony Maquiling
Irvine Valley

Vox Populi: The International Biases in Western Mass Media and the Efforts to Equalize Global News Coverage
21st-Century media fails to deliver equal coverage of the world’s diverse regions, harming Western foreign policy and supporting human rights abuses across the globe.

Josara Ammann
Riverside City

Art Therapy to Uncover Trauma and Express the Inner Self
Art Therapy is a health and human services profession which uses creative, experiential therapy to uncover trauma and express the inner self through non-verbal means.

Lidia McCarter
Allie Amirault
Nicholas Wolf
Irvine Valley

Are Gratitude and Appreciation One of the Same? Comparing Relationships with Psychological Well-Being, Personality, Spirituality, Inspiration, and Awe
The purpose of the present study was to compare the strengths of relationships for appreciation and gratitude with other psychological measures.

Bernadette Muniz
Gargi Kulkani
Irvine Valley

Empathic Concern's Ingroup Bias
Surveys administered measuring empathy as related to various other personality constructs, gratitude, appreciation, behavioral inhibition and activation, and possible implications for in-group bias.

Mikena Richards
Pasadena City

Shaping the Astrological Identity: The Therapeutic Relationship to Divination in the Digital Age
With the rapid evolution of internet-based communication, Diviners such as Tarot and Astrology readers, and their clients alike, challenge traditional expectations of spiritual efficacy.

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